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Bay Atlantic Realty Group

Your Team of FL Real Estate Networking Agents

Join with a low $65 annual membership and earn 90% referral commission!

  • No MLS Fees

  • Earn Passive Income

  • Earn Referrals Legally

  • Maintain an Active License

  • Join for $65 per year

  • Earn 90% referral commission

Referral Agent Benefits

Our agents enjoy the benefits of being licensed real estate sales associates, without the burden of running a real estate business and wasting money on MLS and Realtor association dues. 

A referral broker gets paid a referral commission of 20% to 25% by the referring broker.

Once the transaction has been closed, we pay our agents 90% of the referral commission.

Simple as that!

Join our No MLS Brokerage for only $65 per year.

be aware & be prepared

Don't fall for get rich quick coaching gimmicks where you are promised the world.  Take a step back and do what's right for you at this point in your life. 

You may have had every good intention to succeed in real estate but then you realized along the way that this industry had many unforeseen challenges that were thrown your way. 


Park Your License and be on standby in case an opportunity presents itself. 

We are always told to contact our sphere of influence.  But what if you don't have a viable sphere or you have exhausted your existing sphere?  At this point, your family and friends may be sick of you trying to sell them real estate or will not work with you because you lack experience... Then what? 

You know the feeling.  No one explained to you the reality of trying to make it in real estate.  Paying for MLS, Realtor Association dues, technology, office fees and lead generation all come at a heavy price.

What's done is done!  Now is the time to take back your opportunity to thrive in real estate, but on your own terms, with zero pressure and zero obligations thrown your way.  As a new member, we will even customize your very own referral plan, exclusive to you, without contacting any friends or family. 

Just Ask Us!

Referral Process

At Bay Atlantic Realty Group, we embrace teamwork communication and full transparency.


As a referring agent, you are included in every facet of the transaction: from the execution of the contract to the final point of closing. 


Ready to take the next step? 

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